Outside Academic Life


I live in Central London, UK, with my husband Jim, a serious tennis player (and a finance professor) and my 5-year-old daughter LiA (a.k.a 'LiA-ssi' or 'petit bout').

My Cello Journey

I started to learn Cello 2 months after giving birth in the pursuit of 'inner peace.' Irrespectively of the progress towards the hoped outcome, I am still playing (Grade 5!) and improving thanks to a promising and fantastic young Australian musician studying at The Royal Academy of Music in London. 

LiA-ssi has joined this journey of Cello (Grade 1!).

Entrepreneur Breakfast Club

I love to meet entrepreneurs, seasoned and students alike. In particular, entrepreneurs and investors from underrepresented groups often have great insights to share about their journey. With a few friends who have a common interest, I have hosted bi-monthly female ENT breakfast meeting since October 2022.